14-year-old girl killed for mobile phone

A 14-year-old girl was playing with her brother outside their granny’s house when she was shot in the head for her mobile phone.

The shocking incident was reported in broad daylight at around 3:30pm in the city of Cordoba, in the northern Argentine province of the same name.

According to local media, two ‘motochorros’, thieves on motorbikes, pulled up to the pavement where the victim, Loriana Ailin Tissera was playing with her 9-year-old-brother outside their grandmother’s house.

Loriana reportedly tried to run inside the house to escape the men, but when she was just metres away from the door one of them got down from the motorbike and shot her in the head.

The thieves grabbed her phone and rode off, meanwhile Loriana was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died hours later.

The boyfriend of the victim’s older sister, identified only as Julian, told local media: “She was playing on the pavement with her little 9-year-old brother as it was a lovely afternoon.

She saw the two men on the motorbike approaching and she got scared because she knew they were going to rob her.

“She started to run towards the house and that’s when they fired. They shot her in the head and grabbed her telephone and left. Just like that. They destroyed a family for life for a mobile phone.

Her little brother saw it all, he’s the one who told the police how it happened and what the men looked like.”

The state prosecutor, Ernesto de Aragon, spoke about the incident saying: “There were people who saw different pieces of the incident and we are trying to reconstruct the specific moment.

According to further reports, police identified two suspects during the investigation and Aragon issued a warrant for their arrest.

Police have located and detained one of the suspects, who can be seen with a t-shirt over his head surrounded by armed officers.

The man has not been identified and police are searching for the second suspect who remains at large.

Aragon told the press: “Despite the quarantine being more flexible now, there are still strict police controls. However, there are always people who go out to commit crimes.”

According to media sources, residents went to pay their respects at the house of the victim’s parents, during which they held a symbolic applause to demand justice.

One resident told local media that Loriana “had an impressive thirst for life.”

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