73 year old tragically died after four weeks in hospital, after saying he was ‘determined’ to beat the virus

BBC Hospital viewers were left heartbroken after a coronavirus patient, 73, who was ‘determined’ to beat the virus tragically died after four weeks in hospital. 

Speaking on tonight’s BBC2 documentary Hospital: Fighting Covid-19, Stanley told how he was ‘determined’ to beat the virus, while his wife Sonia added she had ‘enormous faith’ her husband would make it through. 

Stanley, who was hopeful of his recovery, had spent three weeks on 15 litres of oxygen in the ward, while expressing fear over transferring to the intensive care unit of London‘s Royal Free Hospital.

The heart-wrenching story struck a chord with viewers at home, with one tweeting: ‘In tears. Heartbreaking,’ and a second adding: ‘If you are in doubt about how serious COVID-19 is then watch Hospital and get everyone you know to watch it #StayHome.’

Via DailyMail

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