Coronavirus: Pizza chains offer ‘zero contact delivery’…

Meet Hell Pizza’s most successful franchisee.

Food delivery companies are providing their services without any human interaction to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Pizza giant Domino’s was one of the first to announce its new “zero contact” delivery option, which sees the delivery driver leave the order at the door instead of handing it directly to the customer.

Orders must be prepaid, and customers are informed of their arrival by phone.

“This free service is being offered in response to some customers requesting to limit unnecessary physical contact,” Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said in an email to customers. 

Hell Pizza CEO Ben Cumming said the New Zealand-based chain was also offering a zero-contact delivery option, and planned to add this function to its website. In the meantime, customers could pre-pay by credit card, and write a note in the delivery instructions telling the driver to leave the order at their door. 

“We encourage customers to do this if they’re feeling unwell or are in self-isolation,” he said.

“The health and wellbeing of our staff and delivery drivers is of utmost importance to us, and we want to ensure they’re looked after and reassure our customers they can order from Hell with confidence.”

Pizza chains are encouraging customers to use their non-contact delivery options.
SUPPLIEDPizza chains are encouraging customers to use their non-contact delivery options.

Pizza Hut was also offering a no-contact delivery option, a spokesman said. 

Local food delivery service Delivereasy has also added a “contactless delivery” option to its app in response to the crisis, after seeing an increase in special delivery requests come through.

“Customers have always had the opportunity to include extra delivery instructions, so technically we’ve always had this option available,” said Delivereasy director Nick Foster.

“But in the wake of everything that’s happening at the moment we thought we’d make it really easy and obvious.”

Uber Eats has been encouraging customers to use the “delivery notes” feature of its app to ask drivers to leave their food at the door. 

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