COVID-19 data from 861,113 infected, 42,385 deaths, 178,560 recovered

A total of 861,113 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been recorded globally.

The death toll has reached 42,385.

According to, 178,560 patients recovered. Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in 203 countries globally.

The US is the first country in the list based on the number of infected (188,592 infected, 4,056 deaths). Italy ranks first in the world in the number of deaths and second in the number of infected (105,792 registered cases, 12,428 deaths). Meanwhile, 95,923 cases of infection and 8,464 deaths reported in Spain, and 81,554 cases and 3,312 deaths – in China.

As of Wednesday, 11 am, 39 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Armenia bringing the total to 571. Thirty-one people recovered, three patients died.

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