Multi-millionaire Victoria Beckham ‘sulking’ over taxpayer-funded furlough backlash

The fashion designer riled up celebrities and fans alike when she hit headlines for draining the government’s resources, despite having a family fortune of £335million.null

Taxpayers footing the bill will save Victoria at most £225,000.

It emerged the singer had put 30 members of her staff on the government furlough scheme which pays salaries up to £2,500-a-month during coronavirus

Crisis talks were allegedly taking place on how the Beckhams should respond to the outrage which left the household feeling “dreadfully tense”.

It’s claimed her team’s crisis talks involved whether the company should do a U-turn on the furlough decision but it was reportedly ruled the story would rage on for longer.

“She is used to David being criticised but other than some light ribbing for not being able to sing very well, or never smiling, she has never come under scrutiny like this.”

Her company has lost £35 million since it was established in 2008.

The designer’s dresses have been marketed for £1,500.

The Mirror Online has contacted Victoria Beckham’s representatives for further comment.

It comes as Ricky Gervais reportedly liked a tweet slamming Victoria for her decision to furlough her staff shortly after the news hit headlines.

In the since-deleted post, the fan wrote which Ricky reportedly liked: “The f***ing Beckhams, sorry I’m done with them now. Shame on them.”

The Beckhams have dropped off the face of social media and they didn’t post about clapping for the NHS on Thursday as usual.

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