Sacramento police chief says riots unusually organized, coordinated

Sacramento’s Chief of Police Daniel Hahn said he believes many of the riots taking place around the country are being coordinated from out of town, adding that the complex organization of the riots make it clear they are not typical, spontaneous protests.

“They have cars and a delivery system for water. Last night they were delivering large boxes of rocks that they were then throwing at the officers,” Hahn told KCRA 3 News.

Hahn said that these are not Sacramento’s “normal protesters.”

“We, as the Capitol of California, definitely support free speech and the right to protest, as happens on a daily basis in the Capitol of California. But last night was not a protest as dark came,” Hahn said.

Sacramento police arrested 18 people on Saturday for their participation in looting, destruction of private property, and assault of police officers. At least one of those individuals was not native to Sacramento.

Hahn praised the restraint of his officers, without which Sacramento could look “like a lot of other cities,” he said.

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