Tiny premature baby battles back from coronavirus to be discharged from hospital

The baby thought to be the youngest Covid-19 patient in Scotland has recovered from the disease.

Tiny Peyton was born eight weeks prematurely on March 26 and was delivered by C-Section after her mum Tracy Maguire was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

The diagnosis came despite the 3lbs 11oz baby not having any Covid-19 symptoms.

Tracy, 27, said: “When I heard Peyton had coronavirus I was sobbing and really worried about how it could affect her respiratory system, her lungs and if it was life threatening.

“She’d had a sniffle, which is why they’d tested her for a range of viruses including Covid-19.

We were told we’d have to stay away from Peyton for 14 days and isolate at home but I pleaded not to be apart from my baby for that long.

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