USNS Comfort will soon get many more patients: Mayor de Blasio

The USNS Comfort is nearly empty while hospitals across the city are strained during the coronavirus pandemic, but Mayor de Blasio expects the naval hospital ship to treat many more patients soon.

“I’m sure that ship will be very full soon,” de Blasio said on MSNBC Friday. “They have to be smart about the cases they take and create a protocol that’s going to work because it’s going to get very busy very quickly next week.”

The mayor was asked why the massive floating hospital was treating just 20 people despite having 1,000 beds. The ship docked on the Upper West Side Monday to handle overflow from the city’s hospitals for patients without COVID-19.

“I’ve talked to our colleagues in the Navy, I have no question in my mind…that number’s going to change very rapidly,” de Blasio said. “I’m convinced that over the next few days they’ll be prepared and they’ll be filling up.”

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